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Aboriginal Resources

Respecting Aboriginal Culture

The Aboriginal Resources Department provides leadership and support to agency programs and staff who deliver services to Aboriginal clients.


We support the diversity of our Aboriginal Community and respect the research which validates that healing takes place through the application of cultural and spiritual knowledge.


We believe this knowledge resides within the Aboriginal Community, and we are committed to supporting community initiatives and accessing community-approved cultural resources.


As a foundation for our Aboriginal Programming, we have adopted the “Circle of Courage” to represent both a cultural tradition and philosophy about human needs and development.  The Circle of Courage is our guide to creating environments that empower and educate children and youth, individuals, staff, and families that we serve.   


Aboriginal Awareness Teachings

  • Creating “reclaiming environments”- Circle of Courage
  • How to Conduct Talking Circles
  • History Overview
  • Understanding the impact of Generational Trauma on our youth
  • Current realities of Native Communities
  • Aboriginal Cognitive thinking - ways of learning and learning styles
  • Indigenous world view
  • Aboriginal ancestral resilience
  • Building Community
  • Healing and Healers
  • Healing in traditional ceremonies
  • Healing in our traditional stories
  • Connecting our youth to their purpose in life
  • Working through generational anger
  • To bring forth “What is within”- Education
  • Laws of Sacred Life
  • Laws of Nature
  • Laws of Mutual Support
  • Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps for Women/Men/Youth


  • Aboriginal Resource Person visits/consultation
  • Sharing Circles
  • Disability Service Learning Circles held monthly
  • Annual Aboriginal Teachings for Immigrants
  • Annual Aboriginal Teachings for Priest Enculturation Program
  • Workshops
  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Workshops
  • Library of Aboriginal resources
  • Information and support to Access the Aboriginal Community for:
      • Medicine Gathering
      • Cree Language
      • Dancing/drumming/singing
      • Ceremonies
      • Sweat Lodges
      • Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies
      • Community Cultural gatherings and events
      • Workshops
      • Elder consultation             
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