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Parent Teen Mediation Program

The Parent Teen Mediation program is an early intervention program that assists families who are experiencing conflict between parents and teens. With the aid of trained mediators, the family learns the necessary skills to deal with conflict before it becomes unmanageable. Based on understanding built in the sessions, agreements are created that will work for all family members.

Am I eligible?
The services provided by the program are voluntary and are designed to assist families with teens resolve conflicts before reaching a crisis point.

Where is this service provided?
The initial meeting and the assessment takes place during regular office hours at the Catholic Social Services East Office, located at 8212 118 Avenue, Edmonton.
Mediations are provided at a location in the community near the family’s residence. Days and times are flexible.

How much will it cost me?
The services provided by the program are on a sliding scale fee. The Parent Teen Mediation program is currently funded solely by the Sign of Hope campaign.

How do I access this program?
  1. Call 471-1122 for information and to complete the intake.
  2. Attend the initial assessment meeting with the Program Coordinator. This meeting is designed to provide all family members with information regarding the program, to assess whether the presenting issues are appropriate for mediation, to determine willingness to participate, and to prepare the family for mediation.
  3. Attend up to 3 mediation sessions.

Who do I contact for more information?
Program Supervisor 780 471 1122 ext 2514

Program Outcomes
  • A clarification and mutual understanding of reasonable expectations.
  • Resolution of communication skills.
  • Development of improved communication skills.
  • Referrals made to appropriate resources.

Client Testimonials
"This was an enlightening experience. It gave me a whole new concept of parenting."

"This made me feel important and helped my mom listen to me more."
"Just try it! It helps most when I just stay calm and can listen."
"We can talk to each other now and argue way less."

Relevant Links
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Additional Information
Clients remain in the program for as long as they need. One or two months after the last mediation session, the Program Supervisor will contact the family for a follow up conversation and will refer the family to additional resources if needed or requested. A satisfaction survey is sent to the family to complete at that time. This information is used by the program to enhance the work and ensure the client’s needs are being met.

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