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Language and Vocational Assessment Counsellor

Competition #: 13-157
Job Category: Contract Full Time
Number of hours per week: 35

This is a full-time contract position for 35 hours per week.
 As a Language and Vocational Assessment Counsellor, you possess strong assessment and teamwork skills. You enjoy working with newcomers to Canada in a culturally-diverse environment and facilitate the integration of newcomers through both language and vocational assessment. You refer newcomers to various educational options and support them to develop and implement their educational plans.
Your Diploma in Social Work or Degree in Education (or equivalent) combined with a demonstrated proficiency in both spoken and written English and a minimum of 300 hours in teaching ESL to adults makes you a strong candidate for this position. You must be eligible for Certification to administer Canadian Language Benchmark assessment tools.
Closing Date: September 11, 2013

Contact Information
Municipality: Edmonton
Address: 12431 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, Alberta
Fax: (780) 439-3154
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